Sounding Out Tinnitus


Sounding Out Tinnitus

T-Minus Music and Sounds

  • What are the T-Minus music and sounds?

    The T-Minus music and sounds are form of sound therapy for tinnitus, created by musician, producer and tinnitus sufferer Rupert Brown. Recognising a lack of quality sound recordings and a host of cynically designed sound offerings, Rupert took it upon himself to create a library of deeply relaxing and evocative, tinnitus specific sound and music.

  • Who is it for?

    Whether your tinnitus is short-term or chronic, T-Minus is universal and for anyone affected by unwelcome symptoms. This app’s innovative technology could also help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia, albeit it is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

  • How long should I listen for?

    This is very personal, although it is recommended by professionals that sound therapy be used whenever you are without ambient sounds or whenever your tinnitus is bothering you. The T-Minus music also has a sleep series, designed to be left on throughout the night.

  • How can sound therapy help tinnitus?

    Sound therapy can reinstruct the brain to focus away from tinnitus, and thereby breaking the habit that the brain has formed by listening it. It is believed that sound therapy can teach the brain to use sound for relaxation and distraction, rather than a negative draw.

  • How is the T-Minus sound therapy different?

    Unlike other sound therapy, the T-Minus music and sounds have been expertly recorded within natural environments from around the world. Co-Founder Rupert Brown, who is a professional musician and producer (and tinnitus sufferer) has then mixed and blended these sounds with other frequencies and noises and embellished many with beautiful and subtle music tracks. Each track has been meticulously crafted to suit the needs of tinnitus sufferers.

  • What is masking?

    Masking is a technique used by many sufferers to bury their own tinnitus sound and create a distraction. A good analogy is the idea of burying your tinnitus (the needle) within a broad range of sounds (the haystack).

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